How Long Does Hair Take To Grow – Faster: Hair Growth Tips

Healthy hair is everyone’s wish. Everyone likes heavy volume of hairs. Hair grows in three stages anagen catagen and telogen.

  • Anagen. Called growing phase
  • Catagen. Called regressing phase
  • Telogen. Called resting phase

Hair growth passes these three phases. Healthy food is necessary for hair growth.  People lose around about 100 hairs from their body for the re growth of new hairs.

Here are some factors that describe how much time is required for hair growth. These factors are

  • Age: Your age describes how much time requires for hair growth. At the age of 15 to 30 your hairs grow faster and after this your hairs starts thinner or go bald.
  • Sex: Female’s hair take much time to grow than male hairs.
  • Genetic: A person’s describes that how quickly hair will grow. Hair growth also depends on genetic factor.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition is paramount for healthy hair growth. Notorious foods are essential for everyone.

Here are some tips for you to grow hair faster and what precautions you have to take for less hair fall.

  • Take vitamins and nutrients
  • Take keratin
  • Take proteins
  • Avoid stress
  • Trim hairs
  • Use accurate method of Shampoo
  • Condition your hairs
  • Avoid hot water
  • Never brush on wet hairs
  • Sleep on silk
  • Massage with essential oils
  • Eat healthy food

Take vitamins and nutrients

Vitamins and nutrients are essential for the growth of hairs. You can take supplements of vitamins but it does not work faster than vitamins food you take directly either in the form of fruits, vegetables or nuts. Iron is very necessary for the growth of hair. You can take foods full of iron such as green leaves vegetables to fulfill the iron deficiency. Now let’s discuss about some foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Fish is full of vitamins, irons and omega 3 fatty acids. It helps to promote hair growth. You can ad it in your diet. Dark green leaves are also rich in vitamin A and C that keeps your hair healthy and good. Legumes are also rich in proteins. It can prevent hair loss and brittle hair.

Take healthy food

Take keratin

Keratin is very important for the faster growth of hairs. You can take it at homes or you may go to parlor to provide keratin treatment for your hairs. Keratin supplements are also available in market. You can take keratin treatment to reduce the percentage in hair loss. Keratin helps to promote healthy hair and increase the hair strength. So must look for hair keratin if you are having thin hair, hair loss problem.

Take proteins

As discussed above vitamins and nutrients are essential for the faster growth of hairs. Proteins also help to promote hair growth faster. Proteins help to prevent hair loss and may increase the volume of your hairs. Let’s discuss about some foods that are rich in proteins and you can take the advantage of it to promote hair strength.

Yogurt provides protein. So you can take in breakfast. Legumes are full of proteins so you can add this in your diet plan. Eggs, meat, dairy products, fish, and beans these are all rich in proteins. But you have to keep in mind that never take too much protein and keep a balanced diet because too much protein can affect your health also.

Avoid stress

Stress is the main root of hair loss. It helps you to get hair fall issue. So try to avoid stress and depression for a healthy and faster growth of your hairs. Good hairs are very essential for personality so take care of it by avoiding stress. Take exercise or go for morning walk to reduce stress.

avoid stress

Trim hairs

Hair trimming is also essential to promote the growth of hairs. Trimming helps to get rid of rough hairs, split ends and promote the growth of hairs efficiently. You can trim your hairs once months for a healthy and perfect look of hairs.

Use accurate method of Shampoo

Shampoo is the need of everyone. You have to take some tips to use the shampoo. Here are some mistakes that may lead to hair fall issue while using shampoo. When you take a shampoo first read the ingredients because silicon shampoos are not good for your hairs. Silicon may clog your hair foliciles and reduce the growth of hairs. The second most important thing is to never use the shampoo directly on your hairs. Always use it by mixing in water.

Condition your hairs

After shampoo conditioner is also essential for a perfect look. It helps to promote the shiny look and growth of hair. It works as the moisturizer of your hairs and gives your hairs less breakage. So never forget to moisturize your hairs

Avoid hot water

Hot water causes the breakage of hairs and promotes the hair fall issue. When you use hot water on your hairs it cause dandruff and with the dandruff you may get hair loss issue that leads to less promote the hair growth. So never wash your hairs with hot water.

Never brush on wet hairs

Never brush on wet hairs because it causes the hair loss issue and weakens the strength of your hairs. Brush your hair gently and always start from the bottom to upward to avoid breakage.

Sleep on silk

Silk is good to promote the hair growth. It feels soft and tries to sleep on silk pillowcases. It will help you less damage of hairs and less breakage of hairs.

Massage with essential oils

Last but not least oiling is very important for your hairs. You must massage your hairs with essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil castor oil. Massaging improves the growth of hairs and gives you a perfect look.


It’s not difficult to promote the hair growth but you have to take some tips and precautions for it. Enjoy these all methods for your healthy look of hairs.

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