How to Improve Children Eating Habits – Toddlers Eating Guide for Mothers

Kids are to train their taste buds to enjoy many different flavors, not just sugar, fat and salt. In this age children likes to eat junk food and this habit makes them unhealthy and it causes many issues of diseases such as stomach problem in kids. So eating is everything when you invest for good food you make them healthy. Eat healthy and live healthy. Some parents are worried about children that they prefer junk food over healthy food. So this article will help you to get knowledge and tips that how you can improve your children eating habits. You can improve their habits of eating in small steps gradually.

Here are some tips for you to improve children eating habits:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Sit at table to eat
  • Enjoy home cooked food
  • Visit to food outlets
  • Encourage them to try new things
  • Encourage them to drink more water than soda
  • Pay attention to ingredients
  • Set good examples for them
  • Don’t offer desert as a reward
  • Get creative with meals
  • Encourage them to eat slowly
  • Plan according to weather condition

Eat Breakfast

Eat breakfast like a king. Skipping of breakfast is a bad habit in some child they don’t bother to take breakfast. Many parents are worried about it. Kids who take breakfast remain healthy and fit because in the morning their body need to refuel it. So make habit of breakfast in your child to boost metabolism and to remove tiredness and restless. Breakfast helps children to do their best in school so never make them able to skip it at any cost.

Sit at Table To Eat

Sometimes kids don’t pay attention to their food while eating it. They sometimes make a use of cell phones with it. Some kids tease their parents while eating food so parents give them a cell phone to divert their attention so they may be able to eat food. That’s a wrong part on parent’s side. Make a habit in your child to sit on table while eating so he may not be able to divert attention anywhere. Give them a excellent post on table so they take interest to sit here. You can make the arrangement of table more creative and fun for them to make a habit to sit on this favorable place because when you sit on a dedicated place and just focus on your eating your body is in the right position to absorb the goodness of food that you enjoy.

Enjoy Home Cooked Food

Home cooked meals are healthier than hotels. To improve children eating habits Develop interest in your child to prefer homemade dishes. Make a wide range of food available in the houses. This practice makes your child to think about healthy food and how to make choice of healthy food. If your child is a lover of nuggets and chips you can make it fun for him at home. Indulge your child in making chips or nuggets with you and add favorable ingredients in it. Serve it differently and focus on color to make their interest in home cooked foods.

Visit To Food Outlets

The best way to improve children eating habit is to involve your children in food shopping and preparing meals. Take your kids with you while visiting food outlets. In this way they will be more willing to eat food in a right way; it will also help you to get a hint about children preferences. When you make your child able to visit food outlets they take more interest in it and they give you opportunity to teach them about nutrition foods and healthy foods.

Encourage Them To Try New Things

Children are new food phobic naturally. They love to try new things.  But some children don’t try to new things and they say a yakh kind of word while trying new thing so it’s frustrating for parents. You can use many ways to introduce new foods in their routine. The best way to encourage them is to pair new food with a food they already like and you can introduce new things at snack time.

Encourage Them To Drink More Water Than Soda

Try to encourage your child to drink more water instead of soda bottles. Over consumption of sodas drinks has increased the rates of obesity in children. Try to tell them about importance of water with more creative and fun ways.

How To Get Your Toddler To Eat?

Pay Attention To Ingredients

Ingredients are the more important part in food that you can never ignore it to improve children habits in eating. Try to avoid ingredients that are not suitable for health and limit it with Tran’s fat. Make habit to read food labels and make sure you are using right ingredients or not.

Set Good Examples For Them

The best way to improve children eating habit is to set good examples for them. The best way is to encourage them is to be a role model yourself. You must have to take right food yourself to set example for them.

Don’t Offer Desert as a Reward

Some children don’t like to eat vegetables and milk. This habit of children make parents frustrated and they start to give reward or punish them to make them able to take vegetables and milk. When you give dessert or sweet as a reward they think that this is more valuable than other food so they will try this whenever they want to eat sweets so don’t reward them deserts.

Get Creative With Meals

Creativity with meals improves children habit of eating. They take more interest in food when you add some creativity and fun in it. You can make smiley faces of many meals such as jelly, nuggets or make many shapes of things. For instance if your child don’t like to eat carrot you can cut it in many shapes to develop its interest in vegetable.

Encourage Them To Eat Slowly

One of main important thing to improve children habit is to encourage them to eat slowly. If you have given a meal to your kid and still he is feeling appetite so ask him to wait for 15 minutes. This will give time to brain to register fullness.

Plan According To Weather Condition

You can plan your menu according to condition of weather because weather changes your food and you want to eat according to condition of weather so take care of child’s mood preferences.


To conclude you can use these tips to improve children habits of eating. Hopefully this article will be helpful to you.

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