How To Remove Eyelash Extensions – Safe and Easy Way

Eyelash extensions have been trending for few years. Everyone loves eyelash extensions but for some people it is not easy for them to wear eyelash extension and also they can’t remove it. Now the question arises that is it easy to remove eyelash extension at home? Is it safe? Or what are the risks.

Generally you can remove eyelashes with coconut or olive oil but it is best to remove eyelash extension by any professional to avoid any damage.

Here are some stepwise tips for you to remove eyelash extension at home safely.

  1. Wash face
  2. Use steam
  3. Warm the oil
  4. Soak the pads
  5. Remove the extension

Step 1

Wash Face

The first step to remove eyelash extension at home is to wash your face gently. Wash your face like you would normally do but keep in mind that doesn’t rub your eye area because it can cause damage on your eye area. The purpose of this step is simply to remove mascara or any bond on it that you may be able to remove extension easily later.

Step 2

Use Steam

The second step you have to follow is to take steam. The purpose of this steam step is to remove the eyelash extension glue. Take a large bowl of water with steaming hot water. Place your face over it and cover your face with towel to take steam. Wait for few minutes to loosen up the bond of eyelash extension glue. This step will be helpful for you to remove extension safely.

Step 3

Warm The Oil

The 3rd step you have to follow is to warm the oil. The purpose of this step is to keep smoothness to remove the extension at home. You have to be careful while taking this step, because over heating of oil can damage your eyes. You can use coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil to remove the extensions. It will also help you to loosen the bond. Make sure not to use too hot oil because you are going to deal with sensitive area of your eyes.

Step 4

Soak The Pads

The next step is to soak small cotton pads in warm oil to accelerate the process. Take one or two cotton pads and dip it in hot oil. Then place this cotton oil on your eyes. Let it remain for five minutes to loosen the glue of eyelashes. Gently swipe your upper lash line with oily pad and let the oil remain on your lashes for few minutes.  

Step 5

Remove The Extensions

The final step is to remove the extension. You have to do all steps very carefully. Use the same cotton pad to swipe. The important thing to keep in mind is that be careful while taking these steps. If you feel any difficulty you should remove by a professional.

Now a question will arise in your mind that should we use eyelash extension remover or not. Is It Safe?

Eyelash extension remover is safe but you have to use branded product for it because if you will use local product for it you will damage your eyes. Professionals use remover to remove extensions. You can buy remover from any professional beauty stores. They will surely help you for complete removal of extensions. But I will recommend you that don’t try this if you don’t know any branded product that is safe for you.

Why You Should Not Remove Eyelash Extension at Home?

I have told you all the steps for removing extensions at home but I normally advice you to remove eyelashes by professional. If you are not enough professional you can damage your natural eyelashes. Once your eyelashes get damaged, they might take several months to grow again. When you remove extensions forcedly your natural eyelashes break too.

The 2nd effect can be risk of irritation or infection. While removing extension if you are taken off it first time, the products might be drip into your eyes and can cause of irritation or damage.


To conclude you can take these five steps at home to remove extensions at home. If you are taken off first time then must be with any professional. Don’t forcefully remove it. Hope so this article will be helpful to you.

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