How to Remove Water Proof Mascara – Safely Remove Mascara at Home

Many women like to apply mascara on their lashes for more extension or volume in eyelashes. Too much use of Waterproof mascara can make lashes brittle.  So it is better to use it on any special occasion. Daily use of mascara can lose or dry your lashes and make it brittle. Now I will discuss about how you can remove it safely at home. Here are some tips and methods for you to remove your mascara at home without losing eyelashes. Firstly I will discuss about some tips and things that you can use to remove mascara. After this I will discuss the steps to remove mascara safely and effectively.


  • Use makeup remover
  • Use cotton pads
  • Use cold cream
  • Use Vaseline
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • jojoba oil
  • baby oil

Use Makeup Remover

Make up remover is one of the best and effective products to remove mascara safely. There are many products available in market namely as makeup remover. You can sue it to remove mascara safely at home. The important thing you have to keep in mind that never invest your money in any local product because it’s a sensitive part of your eye and may be useless and affect your eyelashes. Don’t apply it directly on your lashes because it may go into your eyes so always use cotton pad to apply it on your lashes. Surely it will remove the remnants of mascara safely, effectively and quickly.

Use Cotton Pads

To remove mascara safely and quickly you must use cotton pads or wipes for it. Cotton pads are effective to use because it may lower the risk of any product to go into your eyes and helps you to be safe for any irritation. You can apply any product on it and then use cotton pad on your eyes. It will help you to remove all the remnants of mascara from your lashes. It is effective, safe and reasonable method to remove mascara.

use cotton pad

Use Cold Cream

If you are not having any makeup remover at home and you have to remove mascara immediately so don’t worry you can use a cold cream to remove mascara. It’s also an effective, reasonable and safe method to remove mascara. Use a branded cold cream and don’t apply to eyelids but you may apply it on your lashes and then use a cotton pad to wipe it.

Use Vaseline

Vaseline is also used as to remove mascara at home. If you have coated it many times on your lashes you can use Vaseline but don’t use petroleum jelly to remove it. Apply it on eyelashes then wipe it out with cotton pads or any wipes. You can use it 2 times to remove all the remnants of mascara.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is also an effective way to remove mascara safely. You can use olive oil by soaking cotton pads in it and then use cotton pads on your lashes to remove mascara completely. It will break the bond of mascara and you just need little scrubbing and wiping for it. If you feel oily on your lashes then you can use any dry cloth or wash your face.

Olive oil to remove mascara

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil also helps you to remove mascara. It will also hydrate your lashes. You can apply it to your lashes with cotton pads because directly applying it on lashes may goes into your eyes and cause irritation. If you feel oily on your lashes then you can use any dry cloth or wash your face.

Jojoba Oil

You can use jojoba oil by soaking cotton pads in it. It is an effective way to remove mascara at home. At the end if you feel oily on your lashes then you can use any dry cloth or wash your face.

Jojoba Oil

Baby Oil

If you are not having coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil at home then you can use baby oil to remove mascara. Baby oil is safe to use and may not affect the sensitive area of your eyes. Take few drops of baby oil and apply it on your lashes with cotton ball.

Steps To Remove Mascara By The Use Of These Above Things

Step 1

Take cotton pads because they are safe to use mascara. You can apply any product on it. It will protect you to go any product into your eyes.

Step 2

You can take any product from coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and baby oil or makeup remover. Add few drops from any of these things and apply it on cotton pad.

Step 3

Hold the cotton ball around your eyes for 15 seconds and add some pressure.

Step 4

Hold the cotton balls along the length of your lashes and move it. It will loosen the solution of mascara.

 Step 5

Rub it gently and you will see the loosen of mascara. Check in mirror. If you see any remnant on your lashes then take another cotton ball and remove it.

Step 6

Now your eyes are makeup free and mascara is removed properly then washes your face for a clean look.

Step 7

After the face wash never forget to apply moisturizer on your eyes to keep hydrated. Use any branded eye cream to avoid dryness.


Hope so after reading this article you will be able to remove mascara at home. You can use any of them products to remove it safely.

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