9 Life Realities – Why is it Important To Live in Reality?

It is very important to accept the truth of reality. If you are trying to change your present you must have to accept your reality. In order to make a change for the better you must have to accept the reality. so in this article we will learn how we can accept life realities? When you refuse to accept reality you are unable to success in your life. You may stick to negative thoughts and emotions and you will suffer from it. Try to do that things which you can control instead of feeling frustrated and helpless you must accept reality. Be prepared to accept the realities of life. 

There are many harsh truths about life realities Some of them are as follows:

  • Don’t rely on your friends. Just rely on yourself
  • Manage time for your hobby
  • Accept challenge
  • Don’t expect so much from others
  • Be ready for bad times also
  • Learn lesson from your mistake
  • Failure is part of your journey
  • Learn from past and focus on present
  • Busy doesn’t equate to productivity

Don’t Rely on your Friends. Just Rely on Yourself

Sometimes we feel difficult to accept Life Realities. We don’t have enough confidence to move anywhere. We don’t put forward a step without any advice from someone. There are many people in this word who have lack of confidence and they rely on others. The fiorst and foremost thing you have to keep in your mind is to accept yourself, mark your identity, be confident to do any work or accept challenge. Your happiness depends on yourself so stop relying on others for is truth and Life Realities.

Rely on yourself

Manage Time For Your Hobby

The second step is to mange time for your hobby, Do whatever you like, music, exercise, yoga, zumba etc.Because we are talking about Life Realities.Hobby is a thing that we do for our leisure time. it brings happiness and refreshment in yourself. We are too busy in our daily routines that sometimes it is difficult to manage time for our hobbies. Whatever is your hobby either it is playing cricket, reading, writing, gardening or anything else you must take out time for it.  Make an advance schedule for it and limit the time wasters that make you unable to use your leisure time.  If you are busy in your life must take time of at least 45 minutes for yourself. It will make you fresh and relaxed. It will build confidence in yourself and you will be able to accept the truth of your life.

Manage time for your hobby

Accept Challenge

“Don’t Take Every Challenge as a Problem. Take Every Problem as a Challenge”

If you are facing any challenge in your life must accept it. Challenge has many shapes it can be job challenge, life challenge, and reality challenge. Don’t be sad or upset for challenges. Life Realities is Believe in yourself and Allah that you can do it and never lose hope. If you don’t accept the challenges you can never be succeed in your life because life is full of challenges and you must have to learn that how can you control or accept it.

Don’t Expect so Much From Others

“The Secret of Happiness is Low Expectations.”

Expectation always hurts. Don’t expect so much from others. Low expectation is considered as a key to happiness. You can’t blame others for disappointing you; it is Life Realities, blame yourself for expecting too much from others. Once Shakespeare said that I always feel happy, do you know why? because I have never expect anything from someone.  Life is so short to enjoy it so be happy, keep smiling and never blame others for disappointment.  If you want a change in your life so stop expecting!

Be Ready For Bad Times also

In Good times Prepare For Bad Times

In Bad Times Prepare For Good Time

Life is not full of enjoyment and happiness; we have to face many challenges and bad times in it. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept the bad time of our life but we have to face it. Some people commit suicide from disappointment and some people try to overcome it. Try to accept Life Realities and overcome it. Keep remember that a good time always come after a bad time. Be determined and never lose hope. Your bad time gives you a lesson and tries to learn from it.

Learn Lesson From Your Mistake

“Sometimes Wrong Help Us Find The Right”

The harsh reality of our life is that we don’t accept our mistakes and don’t learn from it.  No one is perfect. Every human makes mistakes in his life. Some people don’t learn from it and some people that are wise take a lesson from it to make their life easy and happy.  Think of your mistake, reframe the error, analyze it and then put lessons learned into practice. Never forget that your best teacher is your last mistake. So accept your mistakes and learn from it.

Failure is Part of Your Journey

“Failure is not the opposite of success, its part of success”

Failure is a doorway to success. Always consider failure as an opportunity. Never lose hope and take a start again. If you fail in any part of life don’t be upset and think that it is another opportunity to know better, rethink, reconsider and find new ways to achieve your goals and aims.Life Realities is you keep going on one day you will be successful.

Learn From Past and Focus On Present

Don’t cry for past. Let the past go and prepare yourself for present and future.  Time heals all the wounds. Your past is your teacher. It is bitter truth that some people always live in past and destroy their present and future. They don’t look forward and cry for past. Let it go and move ahead. The past is unchangeable but if you learn from past you can change your present. If you know your mistakes you can be happy and prepare yourself for a good life. So keep focus on your present to get some big in your future.

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Busy Doesn’t Equate To Productivity

Being productive is focused and energetic and being busy is frantic and destroys your ability to get things done. Turn your busy into productive by knowing your objectives, Life Realities is set priorities for your task, and be focused and delicate.


Hope this article will be helpful to know harsh Life Realities. Accept yourself, realize your mistakes, live in present and prepare your future and accept challenges of life to live a happy life.

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