Which one is More Important Inner Beauty Or Outer Beauty in 2022?

Beauty is a complex and abstract topic that has no specific definition. Anything that makes you happy or satisfies your sense of sight and touches your heart can be called beautiful. so here we will discuses Which one is More Important inner beauty or outer beauty ?No specific criteria can be set to define it because it varies from place to place and from person to person. As human civilization evolved, so did the definition and standards of beauty. Its definition, concept, meaning and criteria have changed over time but its importance has remained intact. The importance of beauty can’t be denied even in the present age of machines, science and technology. Or maybe it’s even more important than before.

Man is made beautiful and loves beauty:

It is the instinct of man to love beauty; therefore it’s very natural to be attracted. It satisfies one’s aesthetic sense. But as the saying goes, Beauty is in the eye of beholder, therefore anything is beautiful only when it pleases the eyes of beholder, strikes his mind and refreshes his heart. One thing is beautiful for one person and another is beautiful for another. One person likes the flowing river while other finds the clouds moving in the sky. One person likes colorful flowers while the other feels calm among the high mountains. Beauty changes its meaning according to a person’s mood and choice. Moreover one thing may not appeal to the same person at two different times.  If something is, itself beautiful but the viewer or beholder is depressed or in a certain situation, he can’t appreciate or enjoy it that way.

Beauty is not limited to one thing. We can find it in a human being, in a natural object or in a even landscape. If we talk about the Beauty of Nature, poems have been written on it and it has been the source of inspiration for many poets. There is an element of beauty in everything in the universe and everyone likes it more or less and feels comfortable in its presence. There is a very strong connection between man and Nature. Everyone person in one way or the other loves beauty.

When it comes to human beauty, there are two aspects; Outer beauty and inner beauty. Outward beauty refers to how a person looks. A person’s face, his personality, his complexion, his height etc all together determine the beauty of a person. Apparent beauty of course appeals and influences others. It refreshes you, calms the hearts and cools the eyes. But standards of physical beauty also vary from region to region, from country to country and from person to person. In some countries tall figures are considered beautiful, while in others round faces are the symbol of beauty

The importance of physical beauty is in its place, but it is not something to be trusted fully. First of all, physical beauty is not something that lasts forever. Secondly it is not something that is needed only to live. It is temporary and has a decline. Outward beauty has no meaning until inner beauty completes it together. Inner beauty refers to a person’s nature, his temperament and his character. The inner beauty is the real beauty of man, which is eternal and something that can be trusted. Your long hair, beautiful eyes, pretty face, fair complexion, slim figure are not the things on the basis of which you will achieve everything in life. Nor can these things be the basis of a strong and lasting relationship.

Physical or outer beauty can help you for the time being. You are admired in your circle, you get praise or appreciation.  It can even help you to get a job or position or build a relationship. But the status of a job, advantage or relationship that one has gained on beauty is not more than a water bubble. Because outer beauty falls with time while inner beauty grows with passing years. Any relationship built on someone’s inner beauty lasts a long time. At a time when your physical beauty is slowly losing its appeal, your inner beauty is the support that drives your relationship. Outer beauty simply pleases the eyes, while inner beauty conquers the hearts. When physical beauty loses its importance, then comes the inner beauty. Your inner beauty is something that is reflected on your face. So we can say outer beauty is useless and incomplete without inner beauty.

Imagine having someone in your life who is beautiful on the outside but not beautiful on the inside, what difference does it make to have her/him in your life? Its beauty may definitely intoxicate you for a while but it will not help you in life.

On the other hand, a person who has inner beauty will be your true companion at every step of life. He will help you deal with life‘s challenges. Such a person stands by you in every difficulty. This person helps you when you are in trouble in life, gives you good advice when you start making wrong decisions, and supports you if you are happy. Such beauty also makes your life beautiful.

In Short So we can say that outward beauty intoxicates while inward beauty makes life the most beautiful.

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