How Many Eggs Per Day Can Someone Eat on Keto Diet

How Many Eggs Per Day Should Someone Eat

There’s no question that the keto diet is a healthy way of eating but there’s also no doubt about how many eggs you can eat on it. With this in mind, I decided to do some research and find out exactly how many eggs per day can someone eat on a keto diet. 

By considering various sources of eggs I was able to figure out exactly how many eggs are available per day for someone who eats keto. In all honesty, finding this information could be quite difficult because when researching, I really don’t get much information.

There were a couple ways that could be used as a method, if not the easiest, to figuring this information out. Let’s discuss different methods about How Many Eggs Per Day Can Someone Eat on keto.

Searching Online

 One method would be asking around or searching online, and seeing what is advertised for different diets and foods. Some companies will give you a list of all of their products and what they have in stock so you know what you want, which could be easy to look up and find your own list, from companies like Kellogg’s and Tyson Foods. 

This is great for trying to determine the number of eggs that you can add to keto but not too good at determining the exact number.

Buy Bunch Of Eggs and Put Them in Container

Another method I found was to buy a bunch of eggs and put them in each container, and then you take one egg and throw it into each meal if needed, and count the number of eggs in each container. I can’t be the only one who does this though; I know it seems simple enough. 

But you know how easy it is to just forget to take your cereal and say “hey let me just stop here and grab 4 eggs?” Well these eggs usually end up with nothing in them. So you can definitely use the second method.

For this article I wanted to try to find things that might help me figure out the exact number of eggs that would make things easier, from my experiences with those eggs. To accomplish this, I looked up recipes that had 4 eggs or less. That’s why after doing that several times I ended up checking food apps that only contained four eggs or less.

Checking By Google

So when I check out a recipe of ingredients I find out that it has 5 eggs in each package. Now if you want to double check that figure then you can probably go to the nutrition page of that company and see if there is a section where you can read more information to confirm that the product listing contains five or fewer eggs. If for some reason, there isn’t a section then you can easily check by using google.

But I want to start with the obvious. The numbers don’t always match up with your list of “all eggs” that you are buying from grocery stores. There are many brands that don’t actually have eggs in them. It might be hard to tell because the numbers aren’t on the front of the cans. 

For example, many varieties of cereal bars and boxes only have seven eggs in them so there actually isn’t any. Don’t think of yourself as being extremely lucky. You simply don’t know how many eggs you are going to need during keto and that’s okay. And that said, you can find a lot of information online about exactly how many eggs you can eat on keto, so you know exactly how much of each one you are going to need.

How many eggs can you eat weekly?

Now that you know how many eggs you can eat on keto for an individual, let’s go over the amount of eggs you can eat on keto per week. According to the National Health Institute (NIH), the average adult American woman can consume approximately 1.3 eggs per week, which works out to approximately 7,000-7,800 calories per day. 

That’s a hefty total (for reference, an egg typically contains 18 grams of protein and 16 grams of fat). The daily recommended intake for people between the ages of 18 and 49 is 2,300–2,700 calories per day. However, due to the ketogenic state of the body, many women find it to be easier to burn more than 1,500 calories per day, per the NIH.


While we are looking at how many eggs per day can someone eat on keto, we also want to figure out how many eggs per week you can eat if you want to maintain your muscle mass. Most people tend to gain weight very quickly, with most women gaining 6-8 pounds per month. 

While keto has been shown to support weight loss, the studies aren’t yet conclusive. Because of this, it is often best to add more calories and lose muscle at the same time. When eating keto, it’s possible to lose some lean muscle and at the same time build others. Therefore, to help avoid losing muscle, adding calories to your diet is an excellent option.

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