How To Get Gum Out Of Hair in 5 Minutes

Sometimes a gum sticks into your hair that ends in tears. Your hairs may get breakage and cause pain in your hairs while taking out. So in this article I will discuss different ways that are easier and less costly to remove gum out of hairs. So don’t worry about this situation and follow the ways mentioned below to get rid of this situation in an easy way.

Different Ways to Get Gum Out of Hair

Use rubber band to separate the affected hair :

Rubber band is a very effective way to break down the gum. It keeps you separate from mess spreading. You can use it in your hair to separate the affected area.

Use peanut butter

Peanut butter is a very effective method to remove gum from your hairs. It is true that the natural qualities of peanut and its oil content lubricate the hair and break down the gum. Take peanut butter and apply it in your affected area and after some time you will see that the gum is broken down and you will need a comb or brush to take it out from your hairs completely. You can also use the back of the spoon behind the gum as a hard surface to spread the peanut butter on. So must try to get rid of this bad situation.

Apply peanut butter using tooth brush

You can also apply peanut butter with tooth brush. You can apply peanut butter on affected area and then you can rub toothy brush on it to break down the gum. When you will see that peanut butter has broken down the gum you can use towel to clean your hairs. 

Use lubricants and apply it with your fingers

Lubricants are also known as oil. It is always present at your home. You can take lubricants from cooking oil also. There are many things in which lubricants are present such as Vaseline, cold cream, cooking oil and adhesive remover.  After this you can take a rubber band to separate the affected area to keep the mess from spreading.

You can apply lubricants in your hair with fingers. You can rub it in your affected area and after some time the gum will break down.

Find a dissolver and apply it

The next method you can take to remove gum is to find a dissolver. Dissolvers are also very effective to remove the gum that is stuck into your hairs. There are many dissolvers such as baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar and mayonnaise. Apply dissolves in your hair and wait for a while. If a gum will not remove from one use then you can repeat this process for effective result.

Try ice to harden the gum

The next important method is to try ice to harden the gum. It is not as effective as others because it may create pain in your hair. You can use this method when other things are not available at home and you can use ice to harden the gum. Apply an ice cube on affected area and then wrap it with a plastic bag. Hold it on for half an hour. When the gum is hard and breakable you can chip it out of your hair.

Chip the hardened gum out of your hair:

Last but not least when the gum is harder you can chip it out of your hair.

Finish cleaning your hair

Now when you have used one of these methods you are now able to wash your hair. When you take out gum from your hair.

Shampoo your hair

The last step is to shampoo your hair because when you apply lubricants into your hair it may create smell and also make your hair slippery. So at the last shampoo your hairs and apply conditioner for shiny and smooth hairs.


To conclude, you can use any method mentioned above to remove the gum. These are all effective methods that can be used for better results.

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