How To Stay Calm Under Pressure in 30 Days – Practical Tips

We all get worried or upset from time to time but it’s normal. But what happens when we exceed the limit of anger or stress. This article sheds a light on How to stay calm under pressure? so here are few strategies or tips for you when you are feeling anxiety or pressure. For a perfect and healthy life calmness is very necessary. Your calm approach will lead to better health and higher levels of productivity. So it’s very easy to stay calm in every situation. Try these tips when you are feeling under pressure or anxiety to stay calm.

Tips to stay calm

Surrounded with positive people

Get plenty of sleep

Take deep breathe

Do your best

Welcome humors

Maintain positive attitude

Change your focus

Practice gratitude

Surrounded with positive people

The idea of this point is to adopt and develop positivity among you. Positive thought and positive people plays an important role in your life. Positive thinking is a power to reduce all the stress and fears of life. If you are having negative thoughts you must change it. If you are angry person and cannot control your anger you cannot control your life and cannot live a happy and peaceful life. The first thing for calmness is to develop inner peace. When your thoughts are positive you can achieve anything. Try to sit with positive people and bring a positive change in you by adopting that point. The crux is that staying positive allows your brain to stay calm.

Get Plenty of Sleep

When you don’t get proper sleep everything seems worse.  Make a sleep priority. If you feel stressful you cannot live a happy life. If you are under a high pressure, go to sleep early and take sleep at least of 9 hours. When you don’t take proper sleep you are not able to show your performance in a good way. Take proper sleep to look younger, fresher and calm. Taking sleep of 8 to 9 hours will not only make you fresh also you will feel calm. So make your habit to go to bed early and take proper sleep because sleep is the best meditation. Here is a tip for you that if you feel stress and insomnia use lavender oil. Lavender oil not only relaxes your muscles but helps you to reduce stress. Massage on your feet and you feel stress free.

Take a Deep Breathe

Breathing deeply makes you feel stress free. Take breath from nose hold for a moment and then exhale. Surely this activity makes you feel better and calm.

How to be Healthy

Go for a walk

Walk is an essential part of life. There are many benefits of walk. Taking exercise daily not only makes you fresh but also feels you happy and stress free. If you are having any stress and pressure take a deep breath and go for a walk. On walk think about positive things and get rid of negativity. Daily and walk for 30 minutes brings calm and peace in your mind. You feel fresh and happy and can concentrate on how to control yourself and negative thoughts.

Welcome humors

Always keep smiling. If you are under pressure or feel stress, start laughing. Laughing and humors not only makes you feel better but also removes anxiety and stress. Find humor in every situation and enjoy that moment.   Laughter boosts your immune system and allows you to feel better naturally. Being able to smile and laugh at any situation in front of your friends and family rejuvenate you and also makes you feel fresh.  Watch funny cartoons or movies, read funny books, visit comedy club and listen to funny programs on radio.

Maintain positive attitude

Having a positive attitude means you are optimistic about yourself, interactions and situations. Person having negative thoughts lead him to pessimism and stress. For happy and successful life positive attitude is very important. With positive attitude you learn many things. You learn how to interact with people and also learn to see the thoughts behind them. Here are some tips to maintain positive attitude.

  • Identify opportunities
  • Get lesson from failure
  • See failures as motivation
  • Surround with positive people
  • Self talk with positive thoughts
  • Forgive others
  • Focus on what you do and what you want
  • Control your anger
  • Don’t rely on others
  • Be responsible
  • Be humble and nice to others
  • Be patient

Change your focus

Changing your focus is meditation you can give to reduce stress. If you feel any difficulty in any situation or feel pressurized just change your focus. Here the question arises that how to change focus and why to change. So let’s discuss about these questions.

First answer to that question that why to change focus.  Your brain is great to solve problems and ask yourself the right questions. If you have any situation that you can’t focus on it and you are working on it continuously but the results are not good. From that situation you will find stress and pressure. So the right way to reduce stress is to change your focus. Do that things that what you want not that things what other’s want.

Now let’s discuss how you can change focus.

  • Focus on what you want
  • Ask right questions to yourself
  • Use questions to change your emotions and situation
  • Focus on future
  • Move yourself from unconscious living to conscious
  • Create appreciation in yourself
  • Break old pattern

Practice gratitude

Practice gratitude in your life. Gratitude makes you feel better. Staying grateful for everything you have in your life even small or big. At the end of a day make list of things that you do in a day and thankful for this. This activity will make you feel better every day. 


To give a last stroke, it is concluded that feeling happy and calm is everyone wish in his life. Try these tips for stress free life. Think positive and be focused on what you want for a happy and peaceful life.

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