How Transitional Dressing Improve Your Lifestyle

Basically transitional dressing is all about the act of dressing and clothes that seamlessly transition you from winter into spring without having to buy a new wardrobe.  In this article you will get information and tips for transition dressing and how it can improve your lifestyle. 

Here are some tips listed for transitional dressing that you can follow for a better lifestyle.

Style guide by season

  • Going from winter to spring
  • Going from summer to fall

Style guide by fashion

  • Choose right fabric
  • Year round denim
  • Creative layering
  • Choose color palette
  • Go for elevated basics
  • Fancy footwear or court shoes
  • Monochrome

Going From Winter To Spring

Transition of dressing is a need for every one according to season. But the question arises how you can do the transition of dresses without revamping the whole wardrobe. You can utilize previous dresses that you are having in your wardrobe according to the season.

At this point we will discuss the transition going from winter to spring. Winter might be a favorite season but some of us dream of sunny spring days ahead because in spring everything seems to be cheerful and upbeat.

The wardrobe essential for winter to spring season are as follows

Use Winter Pieces The Right Way

Many of your winter pieces can be used in spring with a new style. You just have to put some little effort into it.  You can use jeans with a classic trench coat or a jacket with floral dresses.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to mix it accordingly. I would not recommend that you wear a heavy jacket with your spring dress or top with high boots. Try to balance all things by layer lightly.

Choose Lighter Hues

Light layers mean lighter sweaters, knits and cardigans that are not too heavy or chunky to carry. Light layers are crucial for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring.

You can wear a skirt or maxi with a light sweater or you can embrace it with a lighter blazer. Spring is light and bright with florals and neutrals so grab pinkish or creamy sweaters for spring. It will surely make your outfit feel spring ready with little effort.

Embrace Dresses and Booties

When you are going to transition the season from winter to spring you must add some lighter colors in your wardrobe. You can wear court shoes that are fit for every season.

Avoid winter boots and great ankle boots. Layer it lightly because you are aiming for a spring look. You have to mix and match the seasons so choose rightly. If you love bright colors and have a burgundy sweater you can use it with white jeans to transit it nicely.

Neutral With Jeans

Going from winter to spring neutral with jeans is very crucial to transit the outfit. You can choose your white color sweater that is not chunky and pair it with jeans. Surely it will give you a nice look for your spring season. You can choose peep toe mule shoes with it to make the outfit feel more spring-like.

Say Hi To Hairs

In winters some are likely to tie their hairs so it’s time to focus on the locks and can transition your style beautifully into spring. You can layer it, shorten it, make curls in your hair or straighten it, trim it for a beautiful spring look. It will surely change your mood and liven it.

Add a Scarf

Accessories are also important to change your look. If you are going to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring and have bright colors of winter clothes you can take blue, purple, green scarf with it. Bright color will surely change your face look and make it springier.

Going from Summer to Fall

Going from summer to fall is a time to revive. With proper styling, layering you can use your summer wardrobe for the fall season. Never try to put away your summer dresses because they are more versatile than you think. Here are some ways that you can follow

Wear T-Shirt Or Denim Dress. 

You can wear a t- shirt or denim dress in the morning with a jacket but in afternoon when you feel warmer you can replace it.

Add Layers under Your Dresses

You can add layers of t-shirts under your dresses. You can choose a light color such white, cream under your dress to create a fall look.

Add Layers On Top Your Dresses

Going from summer to fall season you can use summer essentials such as a frock or skirt and can add a layer of sweater on top of this dress. When you add a layer on top of your dress it seems like a skirt and makes your summer dress more versatile.


You can wear your summer dresses with a boot to give a perfect look for the fall season. You can wear boots with a maxi dress that’s ideal for work and play.

Style Guide by Fashion

Choose Right Fabric

Fabric is everything because what your clothes are made of makes you able to utilize your clothes for the whole season. So choose the right fabric to transit it for different seasons.

Year Round Denim

Denim dress can be utilized in every season so investing in this type of dress will be beneficial for the whole year.

Creative Layering

Play with layers because when you have enough experience to play with layers you can easily make a change with your wardrobe. In colder months you can add layers to make a perfect look and in hotter months you can remove the layers.

Choose Color Palette

Colors are very important according to season.  Choose a cohesive color palette that will carry you for every season and you can do transitional dressing.

Go For Elevated Basics

Sweatshirt, hoodie or crew neck will never go out of style so try to go for elevated basics to utilize your wardrobe for every season.

Fancy Footwear Or Court Shoes

Accessories are also very crucial to transit from different seasons. Court shoes and fancy footwear can be used in every season. If you are a job holder you can wear court shoes in every season.


Monochrome can be utilized for the whole month in the sense that you can wear accessories such as a high neck of black color with jeans and can wear a pendant with it. It will give you a nice look.


To conclude, you can use these tips for transitional dressing for a perfect and nice look.

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