How to Get Rid Of Depression Anxiety in 2 weeks

Depression is not about laziness but it’s a medical condition and discouragement. Nowadays, depression is almost everyone’s problem.

Depression can be suicidal so you have to get rid of it. There are many symptoms of depression such as irritable mood, sleeping too much or less, anxiety, low self image etc.

In this article you will know about what you should do when you are depressed and how you should get rid of it. Tranquility will lead to better health and higher levels of productivity. So it’s very easy to stay calm in depressed situation.

Tips to Get Rid Of Depression Anxiety

Try these tips when you are feeling depression and anxiety:

  1. Find meaning of yourself
  2. Set positive goals
  3. Attend pleasurable events
  4. Take enough sleep
  5. Eat healthy food
  6. Forget past and live in present
  7. Take exercise
  8. Forgive others
  9. Build healthy relationships
  10. Welcome humors
  11. Get lesson from failure
  12. Listen to music

Find Meaning of Yourself

The first step you have to follow is to find meaning in yourself. Serve something bigger to find personal meaning. Find small ways to serve others. You must try to not live in isolation. Find small ways to help others to stay connected with people. You will find inner peace to serve others.

Finding yourself and happiness is linked to finding meaning. Therefore knowing what we want is a way to find ourselves. Try to accept present to overcome the state of depression.

Set Positive Goals

Your set goals define what you want and what you want to be in your life. Some people always show depression in setting goals in their life because they think that they are unreasonable. So always try to set positive goals and workable goals to make a sense of accomplishment.

Let me tell you how you can set positive goals.

  1. Don’t depend on others
  2. Set the goals that you can control
  3. Try to avoid overwhelming goals
  4. Set goals according to your present situation
  5. It should be manageable
  6. Measurable and realistic

Don’t compare your goals with others and try to be realistic and judgmental in setting goals. So it must be kept in mind that your goals should be your priority not others.

Attend Pleasurable Events

Events bring enjoyment in your life. Events can be of many shapes e.g. it can be marriage, birthday, engagement, success celebration etc. if you live in depression and anxiety and you want a peace in your life you must attend pleasurable events of yourself or others. 

You must celebrate every happy moment of your life. Gathering with others will help you to reduce your stress and anxiety. A healthy hobby and gratitude makes you feel happy and through this you can get rid of the state of depression. Try to celebrate every moment and everyday of your life to live a happy life.

Take Enough Sleep

Sleep is the best medication to relieve stress and depression. Taking enough sleep and little sleep can be a cause of depression. Try to maintain a balance in your sleep. Take 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily. Imbalance in sleep feeds depression and makes your life full of stress.

You don’t feel healthy and unable to do work efficiently with less sleep. So take proper sleep and make it a priority.

Eat Healthy Food

Health is so precious to us. There is only one body that will always be with you. So it is your responsibility to take care of your health and body. If you take unhealthy food it will affect your body and cause a state of depression.

By choosing healthy food you can fight with depression and keep you fit and healthy. Major part of your health depends on what you eat. If you eat healthy food like fruit, vegetables, nuts and meat you can treat or prevent any problem, anxiety and depression.

Nutrients and vitamins strengthen your body so add these in your diet. Invest yourself in good and healthy food to maintain a happy life. Lavender is very precious in a sense of anxiety. You can use lavender oil to relieve stress and depression. It relaxes your muscles.

Forget Past and Live in Present

Don’t cry about the past. Let the past go and prepare yourself for a better present and future. Time heals all the wounds. Your past is your teacher.

It is a bitter truth that some people always live in the past and destroy their present and future and they become depressed about their situation. They don’t look forward and cry about the past and live depressed. Let it go and move ahead. 

The past is unchangeable but if you learn from the past you can change your present. If you know your mistakes you can be happy and prepare yourself for a good life. So keep focus on your present to get something big in your future.

Take Exercise Daily

Exercise is also the best way to relieve depression. Try to take out time of 30 minutes daily from your busy routine for exercise. Go for a walk daily to keep yourself healthy and fresh. Exercise changes your mood and brings positivity in your life.

Forgive Others

When you live in a feeling of revenge you can’t be happy in your life. You always feel depressed when you don’t try to forgive others. In a state of revenge you not only keep others in depression but you also keep yourself in depression and can’t live a peaceful and happy life. so build a habit of forgiveness.

Build Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships keep you happy in your life. Cut out negative thoughts and negative people from your life. Unhealthy relationships are also a cause of depression so try to keep you connected with positive people to avoid depression. Stay connected with positive thoughts to bring a change in your focus, thoughts and life.

Welcome Humors

Always keep smiling. Find humor in every situation and enjoy that moment.  Laughter boosts your immune system and allows you to feel better naturally in a state of depression. You can see funny clips, movies, videos, cartoons to relief depression

Get Lesson From Failure

Failure is an opportunity to succeed. When you fail , don’t lose hope or feel depressed. Try to learn from it to get a better result in the next turn. Take it another opportunity to build new ways, rethink and reconsider.

Listen To Music or Spend Time With Nature

Music is the best way to change your mood and symptoms of depression. Listening to music can build positive thoughts and make you feel better. Nature is also another way to change your mood. When you feel depressed you can spend time in nature for inner peace.


Hope this article will be helpful when you try to get rid of depression. You can use these methods to live a happy life. Try to enjoy every moment of your life!

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