How To Dye Your Hair at Home Step By Step

Dye hairs are trending now a days. Almost every person, male or female, likes to dye their hair. In this article you will learn How to dye your hair at home ? It is important to know how much time is required to leave the dye in hair for better results. How long to leave hair dye in? And what are the precautions you have to take for better results? What are the mistakes you should avoid while dying your hair?

Almost 30 minutes are enough to get your hair dye. It is important to know that if you leave dye in your hairs for more than 30 minutes, it will damage and brittle your hair. Your hair gets dry and the color may be brighter than you want.

Dye Your Hair at Home

So let’s have a look at tips to dye your hair at home and follow it.

  1. 30 minutes are enough
  2. Check your hair natural color
  3. Leave color according to percentage of grey hair
  4. Thickness of your hair matters

So all these above factors are important for hair color dye.

30 Minutes are Enough

Never leave color in your hair more than 30 to 40 minutes because if you will leave it more than 30 minutes. It will surely damage your hair and your hair will be brighter than the color you want. So take care of time and your hair.

Check Your Hair Natural Color

It is important to check the natural color of your hair. If you look at the packaging of hair color you can choose from it because many colors are shown on packaging of hair die and you can check it from the roots of your hairs. It will help you to achieve the actual color you want. if you want to dye your hair at home.

Leave Color According to Percentage of Grey Hair

Now it is also important that if you have more gray hairs and you will need more time to dye it. The first thing that you can notice is that you choose a bright color or second thing is that if you have a lighter color of your choice then leave it almost for 45 minutes to cover gray colors.

Thickness of Your Hair Matters

If you have thick hair then the consistency of color also matters. You will need almost 45 minutes to leave your hair dye in. If you have thin hair then you just need almost 30 minutes. So the thickness of hairs also matters in dying your hair.

Tips and Steps for Hair Color Dye.

  • Choose a color of your choice
  • Wash your hairs before applying color and dry it
  • Apply color
  • Leave it for 30 minutes
  • Wash with water
  • Use shampoo
  • Condition your hairs

Choose A Color of Your Choice

Take color of your own choice from any market. Keune, Loreal and Olivia are the best brands for hair color dye. Avoid using local brands.

Wash Your Hairs Before Applying Color And Dry it

Wash your hair a day before you have to dye your hairs. It is important to know that your hair are in good condition. You can also oil your hairs a day before to avoid dryness.

Wear Gloves

It is important to wear gloves before applying the dye in your hair. It will protect you from irritation at your hands and your hands will not die.

Apply Color

Then divide your hairs in 2 sections and start applying color carefully.

Leave It For 30 Minutes

If you have normal hair then leave the color in your hair for 30 minutes. If you have thick hairs then leave dye in your hair for 45 minutes.

Wash With Water

Wash your hair gently with water.

Use Shampoo

After washing, use a shampoo and wash your hair.  

Condition Your Hairs

Lastly, never forget to apply the condition on your hair. Conditioner will hydrate your hair and moisturize it.

Mistakes You Do and Get Fade Color

You Too Quickly Wash Your Hairs

This is one of the major mistakes you do and get faded color. So try to avoid it for better results

You Don’t Follow The Instructions

The second mistake you made is to not follow the instructions carefully. You don’t choose the color or don’t apply conditioner after washing your hair so you blame it on dry hairs. It is important to follow up instructions for better results.

You Overdo Dye On Grey Colors

Natural colors are better to dye your hair. Never apply too much dye on gray colors because it may damage your hair.


It is concluded that it is not difficult to dye your hairs but you have to follow the instructions and never dye it on your hair for more than 30 to 45 minutes. Leave dye in your hair according to the thickness of the hair. Enjoy the hair color dye in your hair.

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