How to Make Dreads at Home | Step By Step Dreadlocks

Dread locks is trending now a days but do you know? How to Make Dreads At Home? You need a lot of patience to make it at home. Several parlors make dreads but you can also make it at home with effective and less expensive way. It doesn’t matter that either your hairs are curly or straight you just follow the instructions and after 4 to 6 months your hair will have set. You need some patience and care in every step. So take out 4 to 8 hours from your daily busy routine to make dreads. You can also take help from your friend because it is a long process and you require much time to make it.

How to Make Dreads At Home

Here are some steps to make dreads at home;

  • Wash your hairs with shampoo
  • Divide your hairs into squares
  • Backcomb the hair
  • Secure dreads with rubber bands
  • Apply dread wax
  • Roll the dreads once a day
  • Moisturize the dreads daily with aloe Vera gel
  • Wash your hair once in a week
  • Rub the roots for new growth of hairs
  • Remove the rubber bands once your dreads have locked
  • Keep conditioning your hairs
  • Cover your hair with silk wrap while sleep

Wash Your Hairs With Shampoo

The first step to make dreads at home is to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo. Make sure your hair is clean and ready to make dreads. Let your hair dry and don’t condition your hair after shampoo. Once your hairs are dry then divide the hairs in a square section. You may need 4 to 6 hours for dreads. It depends on the volume of your hairs so take out time of 4 to 6 hours from your routine.

Divide Your Hairs Into Squares

Now section your hairs into squares to make dreads at home. For a neat look try to make dreads the same size. Because when you follow the pattern your dreads will look natural. Secure each dread with a rubber band.

Backcomb The Hair

The third step to make dreads at home. You have to follow it by combing your hairs. Repeat the process until it becomes puff and pack up at the roots. Keep repeating the process several times until your hair are backcombed. If you want to do this in less time you can ask your friend to help you. You need patience and care in all steps.

Secure Dreads With Rubber Bands

Now once you have backcombed all of your hair, you have to secure each dread with rubber bands. The size of the rubber band should be small so it will be time saving for you to wrap it in two to three times. Place each rubber band in a sequence.

Apply Dread Wax

You can apply dread wax or locking gel on each section of hairs from top to bottom. You can buy it from any beauty market. It will help you to keep your hair.

Roll The Dreads Once a Day

You can roll your dreads at your palm. Take a section of dread at your palm and twist it from top to bottom. You need to repeat this process on each dread. This process also required much time. You can roll the dreads once a day.

Moisturize The Dreads Daily With Aloe Vera Gel

You need to moisturize your hair daily to prevent breakage. You can use coconut oil, aloe Vera gel and almond oil to moisturize your hairs. You can spray your hair with any liquid moisturizer. It’s also the main step in making dreads at home.

Wash Your Hair Once In a Week

It is necessary to wash your hair but you can wash your hair once a week.  Use residue free shampoo because it will not make a smell in your hair. Your hair may get out of dreads it can be new hair so use any tweezers to get back into dreads.

Rub The Roots For New Growth Of Hairs

Rub the roots for new growth hairs. If it is in large quantity you can make a knot of it but if it is in less quantity try to knot it with the rest of dreads. Be careful while attempting this step.

Take Out The Rubber Bands Once Your Dreads Have Locked

Now it is important to know that when 3 months have passed then you can notice the condition of your hairs. If it requires more time then after 4 months you can remove the rubber bands once your hairs are locked. Your hair becomes tight at this stage.

Keep Conditioning Your Hairs

It is important to keep conditioning your hair. It will help you to prevent from knotting up with the rest of dread. You can use apple cider vinegar mixed in water and then apply it.

Cover Your Hair With Silk Wrap While Sleep

It is important to note that when you sleep, wrap your hair in a silk cap. You can buy it from any market or online. It will help you to prevent breakage and keep your dreads moisturized.


To conclude, you can make dreads at home. You don’t need to go to the parlor. When you make dreads at home it will be natural and less expensive. You will require some patience for it. You can follow the above steps to make dreads at home. Lastly, never forget to wear a silk cap to prevent breakage.

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