How to Grow Men Hair Fast – Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair

Healthy and volumized hair is the wish of every man. You go to the barber and take many things to grow your hair faster. It is important to know that the growth of your hair also depends on your genetics. In this article you will learn how to grow hair fast men? Almost 6 inches grow per year. If you want faster and fully grown your hair you may need to take a good diet, medication and vitamins and iron.

First it is important to know that hair growth depends on three stages.

  1. Anagen.  It is the 1st stage known as  growing phase
  2. Catagen. It is the 2nd stage known as the regressing phase
  3. Telogen. It is the 3rd stage known as resting phase

Here are some factors that describe how much time is required for hair growth. These factors are

  • Age: Your age describes how much time is required for hair growth.
  • Sex: Male hairs grow faster than females.
  • Genetic: Hair growth also depends on genetic factors.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition is necessary for healthy hair growth. Notorious foods are essential for everyone. You must take a healthy diet.

How to Grow Men Hair Faster

Now I will discuss some tips with you to grow your hair fast.

  1. Use accurate method of Shampoo
  2. Condition your hairs
  3. Avoid hot water
  4. Avoid to brush on wet hairs
  5. Sleep on silk
  6. Massage with essential oils
  7. Eat healthy food
  8. Take keratin
  9. Avoid stress
  10. Trim hairs
  11. Avoid smoking

Use Accurate Method Of Shampoo

Shampoo is the need of everyone but most people don’t know how to use the shampoo on hairs accurately. You have to take some precautions to use the shampoo. Here are some mistakes made by some men that may lead to hair fall issues while using shampoo. 

When you take a shampoo, first read the ingredients because silicon, peroxide, alcohol and sulfate chemical based shampoos are not good for your hairs. Silicon may clog your hair follicles and reduce the growth of hairs and cause dandruff. 

The second most important thing is to never use the shampoo directly on your hair. Always use it by mixing in water. This accurate use of shampoo can grow your hair faster.

Condition Your Hairs

The 2nd important tip after shampoo is a conditioner that is also essential for a perfect look. It helps to promote the shiny look and growth of hair. It helps to hydrate and moisturize your hairs and gives your hairs less breakage and enhances softness. So never forget to moisturize your hairs with conditioner for quickly growth of hairs

Avoid Hot Water

The 3rd important tip is to avoid hot water because hot water causes the breakage of hairs and promotes the hair fall issue and you get thinner hairs. When you use hot water on your hairs it cause dandruff and due to this you may get hair loss issues that lead to less promote the hair growth and close your follicles. So never wash your hair with hot water.

Avoid To Brush On Wet Hairs

It’s a habit of some men to comb in wet hairs because sometimes they are in a hurry and they brush on wet hairs. It is important to never brush on wet hairs because it may cause the hair loss issue and weakens the strength of your hairs. Brush your hair gently.

Sleep On Silk Pillows

The 5th important tip is to sleep on silk because silk is good to promote hair growth for men.  It feels soft and tries to sleep on silk pillowcases. It will help you less damage and less breakage of hairs.

Massage With Essential Oils

The most important tip is oiling your hair. It is very important for your hair because when you massage your hair with oil your blood circulation increases and it promotes hair growth. You can massage your hair with essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, amla oil and castor oil. So Massaging improves the growth of hairs and gives your hair a healthy look.

Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food includes vegetables, fruits, proteins, vitamins and nuts. Healthy food is very important to grow your hair faster. You must add a food in your diet full of iron such as green leaves vegetables to fulfill the iron deficiency. Now let’s discuss some healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Try to add green leafy veggies in your diet because it is also rich in vitamin A and C that keeps your hair healthy and good. Fish is full of vitamins, irons and omega 3 fatty acids. It helps to promote hair growth. You can add it to your diet. Legumes are also rich in proteins. It will prevent hair loss and brittle hair.

Take keratin

Keratin treatment is very good to promote hair growth. You can take Keratin supplements available in the market. If hair loss is the main issue of your hairs, you can take keratin treatment to reduce the percentage of hair loss. Keratin helps to promote healthy hair and increase hair strength. So we must look for hair keratin either in the salon or at home.

Avoid Stress

Stress is the main hurdle in hair growth. Excessive stress leads to hair fall issues. So try to avoid stress and depression for a healthy and faster growth of your hairs. Good hair are very important for a dashing personality so take care of it by avoiding stress and depression. Take exercise or go for a morning walk to reduce stress. You can also listen to music or go on vacations to reduce your stress.

Trim Hairs

Hair trimming is also important to promote the growth of hairs. You can trim your hair once a month for a healthy and perfect look.

Avoid Smoking

Habit of smoking is found in many men. It has many effects on the body but one of them is the issue of hair fall. Avoid smoking to get hair growth fast.


To conclude you can take these tips for the fast growth of hairs. You must take precautions for the better look of your hair.

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