How To Remove Skin Tan Self Tanner

It is a process in which skin gets dark brown color due to the radiation coming from the sun, so skin gets tan. Mostly in summer the skin often gets sunburned due to sun exposure and these dark spots appear on different parts of the body like face, hands, feet etc. 

On a hot sunny day, the ultra violet rays burn the upper layer of skin which is sensitive and after some time the skin gets dark brown color that causes tanning on skin, so it is called skin tan. Now the question arises in mind that how can we remove tan from skin at home because getting tan is easier but it is quite difficult to remove them.

Remedies to Remove Skin Tan

Here are some home remedies which are easy to use and they have amazing results:

Baby Oil:

Baby lotion or baby oil is a very good ingredient for skin as it moisturizes your skin and helps to remove self-tanner. Other oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil are also useful but baby oil gives you best results in self-tanning cases. Apply Baby lotion to the part of skin from where you want to remove bad tan and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is another natural ingredient skin tan which is used for skin for different purposes. It has good effects in removing self-tanner from skin. It glows your skin and removes the dark tans if applied every day to the affected part. You can use Aloe Vera gel or cut a piece of Aloe Vera, extract the gel and apply it to the skin where you want to remove fake tan for 20 to 30 minutes. Aloe Vera moisturizes your skin and after a few days you will get excellent results.


Whitening Toothpaste is also use for lightening a skin tan and is easily available at home. One of the amazing fact about toothpaste is that there is sodium bicarbonate in the toothpaste which is formulated to whiten teeth so it will also removes the dark brown spots from skin Gently apply the toothpaste to the specific area where you want to remove self-tanner and then leave it for half an hour and wash it as usual with warm water.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is an excellent agent for skin tan and it is also proved that it is very effective. It also helps in the removal of larger patches of tan from skin. Make a paste by adding two table spoons of baking soda with coconut oil or fresh water and stir it until it gets thick. Apply this paste to the area that you want to clean from tan and leave it for 35 to 40 minutes and then wash off.

Lemon Juice:

As lemon juice is a very good ingredient for skin tan, and it is useful for skin in many different ways. Lemon juice is also useful for removing fake tan by using it in different ways. But sometimes lemon juice causes skin irritation so before using lemon juice first test and make sure that it does not irritate your skin. Then take a small ratio of lemon juice in a little water and heat this solution for 1.5 minutes and then leave it to cool then apply to the affected area.

Hair Removal Cream:

Hair removal creams are also effective in removing self-tanner/ skin tan, but sometimes it causes irritation to the skin so avoid the use of hair removal cream if your skin is sensitive. Apply the cream for half of the recommended time and then wash it off. Also follow the instructions given on the label.


You can either use a white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for removing skin tan, as acidity of vinegar dissolves the dark patches of tan. With the help of a cotton ball, apply the vinegar to the area you want to clean from tan and leave it for two minutes and then rinse as usual.

Gram flour and Yogurt:

Yogurt and gram flour is a home remedy and are useful for removing skin tan. Yogurt keeps your skin hydrated and the floor is an excellent exfoliator. Take a bowl and add a spoon of gram flour in a small amount of yogurt and mix it well. Apply this paste for 15 to 30 minutes to the affected area of skin and let it dry then wash it off.

Milk Plus Turmeric:

Milk is a natural cleanser and it gives life to the dead skin cells and turmeric with milk glows your skin. Mix turmeric with milk and make a thick paste. Apply it to the area from where you want to remove skin tan and let it dry for a few minutes. Then wash it off as usual.

Coconut Milk:

Coconut milk is enriched in vitamin C and this vitamin is very good for skin tan also. Vitamin C also removes tan from skin. It gives nourishment and keeps the skin hydrated which regrows the dead skin cells. Apply the fresh coconut milk with a cotton ball to the skin and wash it off when it gets dry.


Removing Tanning is a bit difficult but not impossible. By using above mentioned steps one can remove self-tanner but you can prevent your skin from tan by using protective clothes and sunscreen, and you will get beautiful glowing skin at home.

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