How to Shade Hair at Home

Hair Shading is a very simple practice for changing the color of your hair. Shading or dying hair is very common nowadays in the whole world. About 70% of women and 16% of men around the world color their hair. 

Most of the people shade their hair as a fashion because it gives a new look. If someone wants to shade hair and also knows how to dye then it is very simple and it can be done at home.

Step by Step Process to Shade Hair at Home

Here we are going to show step by step process  to shade hair:

  • Wash your hair
  • Select color
  • Mix the color with developer
  • Brush your hair
  • Cover your shoulder and clothes
  • Coat hairline, ear and neck
  • Make 4 sections of your hair
  • Apply the color on each section
  • Set a time Limit
  • Rinse your Hair   
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Dry Your Hair          

Wash your hair

Before starting to shade hair, Wash your hair 24 hours before dyeing. You can use a shampoo for washing your hair as shampoo makes the surface of skin. Don’t use conditioner after shampoo because conditioner absorbs the natural oils and in the presence of these oils dyeing sets very easily.

Select Color

Select a color according to your choice. There is a band of different colors and you can easily choose. If you wanna shade your hair and it is your first practice then select a shade which is not too much dark or light than your natural hair color.will be a good choice to shade hair.

Mix The Color with Developer

Put gloves on your hands before shade hair to prevent it from dyeing on your hand and take a bowl and read the instructions of ingredients then put the ratio of color according to the instructions given in the box.

Then take the developer which is generally given in the color box and if it is not given buy it separately from any store. Stir it until all gradients mix with each other.

Brush your Hair

Take an ordinary hair brush and brush your hair before shade. Make sure that your hair are free from tangles. This step readies your hair for dyeing more easily and you can apply the paste to every part of your hair.

Cover Your Shoulder and Clothes

Before shade hair make sure that each and every thing in your surrounding is covered and safe. Take a towel and cover your shoulder and clothes. You can use a color cape which is easy to wear.

Coat hairline, Ear and Neck

During applying dye to your hair there are a large number of chances that it may get to your skin in the surrounding area. To avoid this issue you can use Vaseline, balm or conditioner (provided along the color box) to your hairline, ear and some neck portion. 

Mustard oil is also useful in such cases but Vaseline is best and easy to remove after completing the process.

Make 4 Sections of Hair

By making sections you can easily shade hair, apply the paste of color to every part of your hair and you don’t miss any patch of hair. Use a large plastic clip and divide your hair into four different sections. You can also use pins for holding each section.

Apply the Color to each Section

Now select a section from the bottom portion and divide this section in more subsections and apply the color directly to your hair with an applicator or a comb. If you are dyeing for the first time then apply the color 3 to 4 inches above from the roots and in ordinary case you can apply directly to the roots of hair. 

You can also use your gloved fingers in applying color. If one section is completed then take another one and repeat the similar process on the remaining three sections.

Set a Time Limit

After completing each section read the instruction provided on the box and set a timer. Keep in mind that don’t rinse after a very short interval or don’t exceed the maximum time limit. Also never leave dye hair overnight because this will dry your hair or it may damage your hairline and it may cause skin irritation.

Rinse Hair

When times up then wash your hair or take a shower. Use warm water and rinse the dye from your hair until the water gets clear. Keep in mind that the dye is temporary and if you don’t use it continuously you will get your real hair color after a couple of months.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Wash your hair with a shampoo as usual and use a conditioner provided with a dye kit. If it is not given you can also use a conditioner you have at home. This will give you a shining and attractive hair look.

Dry Your Hair

You can also dry your hair without using a dryer or you can either blow dry your hair. After your hair gets dry then style your hair according to your desires and enjoy your new hair color look.


To conclude you must be aware of all precautions and the whole method of applying dye to hair. Once you understand the whole procedure you can shade hair at home easily.

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