How to Be Fit and Healthy in 30 Days | Discipline for Good Health 

Everyone is aware of the importance of health and there are many popular sayings about it. Life with good health is undoubtedly a great blessing of Allah. Unfortunately, everyone is aware of the importance of health but many people do not care about their health unless they are suffering from a disease.

But on the other hand, there are people who put their health first in life, work for it and enjoy life to the fullest. Man also has certain rights over himself and first of these rights is to take care of his health. Taking care of your health not only benefits but also brings happiness and satisfaction.

A healthy person not only performs the rest of life’s duties well but also helps others. He can focus better on things. He also lives his life to the fullest and spreads happiness in the lives of those around him. He is able to do his job well and maintains his relationship. He can achieve the goals in life that he thinks or dreams about.

A fit and healthy person will study better if he is a student, he will earn better if he is in practical life. It is very important to keep ourselves fit and healthy and strive for it. So here we will discuss how we can make ourselves healthy and fit.

Steps to Follow to be Fit and Healthy

Maintain Discipline

Discipline is essential to a healthy lifestyle. People who have no discipline in their life are mostly unfit and sick. Anyone who wants to stay healthy and fit, he has to bring discipline in his life.

To maintain discipline, you need to know what to focus on in life and what to avoid. Focus on the things that are important to you according to your needs and requirements and learn to get out and avoid unnecessary things.

Develop a Sleep Routine

For good health we need to adopt and stick to proper sleep patterns. One must get seven to eight hours of sleep to stay healthy. Your body and mind need rest and they recover during sleep and then get ready for more work.

Getting enough sleep keeps your whole body healthy and you can do your job well and stay fit. Not getting enough sleep can lead to many diseases.

Eat Healthy Food

A healthy diet not only gives you adequate nutrients but also reduces your risk of diseases. If you want to be fit and healthy it is very important to know how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats your body needs and adjust your diet accordingly. Lack of any nutrient in the body can make you sick.

Eating healthy and clean keeps your weight under control and gives you the energy to work the whole day. Avoid junk food and include an appropriate portion of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet. This will not only keep you healthy but also slow down the aging process. Drink plenty of water as it helps the body in its proper functioning. 

Make Exercise a Part of Life

Proper exercise is important for good health. There are different types of exercise such as walking, running, aerobic; cardio and yoga etc. adding any exercise to your life according to your age and needs will definitely benefit you.

It keeps you fresh, fit and healthy and energetic. It also lowers the risk of many diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases. Exercise also protects you from obesity, which makes you look beautiful and attractive, fit and healthy.

Get Regular Medical Checkups

Getting regular medical check-ups from your doctor also keeps you fit and healthy. In this way, in case of any disease, it is diagnosed in time and it is possible to cure it. When we ignore small issues, it creates big complications.

And later they become difficult to treat and in many cases even impossible. With regular medical checkups, we are aware of our health status and can take better steps to improve it.

Avoid Stress

Stress and depression can be very harmful to your health. Of course, there are many problems and tensions in the journey of life. When we take pressure from these problems we feel stress.

This tension and depression destroys our peace of mind and has a negative impact on your health. If you want a fit and healthy life you have to learn to handle the stress.

If you don’t get yourself out of stress and depression in time, you can get many diseases like diabetes, headache and high blood pressure.

Don’t Overburden Yourself

For good health it is very important not to overburden yourself because it can cause many health problems. When we get too busy, it disturbs our sleep schedule, disrupts our eating and drinking routines and eventually leads to health problems.

Your mood and mental health have a lot to do with your physical health. For good health you need to keep a balance between your working hours, rest time and other activities.

Do the Things that Make You Happy

Happiness has a profound effect on your health. If you want to be fit and healthy, do the things that make you happy. Spend time with your family and friends. Design some activities that satisfy your aesthetic sense and bring you inner peace. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on your mood, your immune system and on your health.

Don’t Involve Yourself in Unhealthy Activities

Where good habits are essential for good health, it is equally important to keep yourself away from harmful healthy activities. Like smoking and excessive use of caffeine is not good for health.

Sleeping late at night or doing too much work can also ruin your health. Prolonged sitting in front of a computer screen and mobile phones is not good for your eye health. It makes both your body and mind tired and overall it has a detrimental effect on your health.


I hope this article will be helpful, if you want to be fit and healthy. so we can say protecting our health should be our first priority. For this, it is important that we adopt a healthy lifestyle and follow it consistently. 

Health is a blessing but it is our duty to protect it. It is up to us to make it better or ruin it. With a little bit of effort and a change in our lifestyle we can make our lives better and easier.

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