How to Boost Metabolism with Exercise – Best Exercises to Boosts metabolism

Exercise is very important for your health. it defines the movement that burn your fat and reduce calories in your body. Exercise not only burn your fat but also boost your metabolism. The major benefit of exercise is on metabolism that how the body converts food into energy and eliminate waste. It may help you live longer and healthy. Exercise provides physical and mental benefits. Physical activity includes swimming, jumping, walking and running. All these physical activities help you to reduce calories and boost metabolism. So its main positive effects are on blood pressure, heart rate, fitness, and body fat and body weight.

Now the question arises that which exercise is best to boost metabolism?

So let’s discuss about this question in this article

Cardio vascular exercise is best for metabolism. It includes running, swimming, and aerobics and walking. This type of exercise helps you to suppress your appetite and burn your calories. You can add these exercises in your daily routine.

You can start walking from 15 minutes and can extend 5 minutes daily and at the last do at least walking of one hour daily. It will help to strengthen your muscle and burn fat from your body.

Next exercise you can take is to start jumping. Start this activity from 10 minutes and then extend the time day by day.

Running is also a very good activity. By the habitual of this exercise you can burn your fat and strengthen your body and become more active.

3rd exercise is swimming. If you are not able to perform 1st two activities and swimming is your hobby then it’s a very good part on your side. Swimming also helps to strengthen your body and boost metabolism.

So try to make yourself habitual of these activities for metabolism.

Best time for work out

Morning is the best time as compare to evening or afternoon to burn calories and boost metabolism. You can do running in early morning. It will not only make you feel fresh for the whole day but also boost your metabolism. In any case if you are not able to do any workout in morning you can replace it with evening. But don’t try to miss it out in any situation.

Lift weight

When you are at rest lifting weights can work as a burning machine in strengthening your muscle.  Twice a week do one or two sets of ads, biceps, glutes and quads. It will help you to boost your metabolism and burn more calories.

Provide strength to bones and muscles

Exercise provides strength to bones and muscles and due to this strength you are able to boost your metabolism. There are many activities that are good for your bones and muscles such as weight lifting that can stimulate muscle building. As people age increase they tend to lose muscles function and mass and tend to increase the chance of injury. So they must make habit of physical activity to maintain their metabolism. Some research suggest that running and gymnastics has a great impact on human body than swimming and walking because they may promote a higher bone density and boost metabolism.

Boost your energy level

Exercise has a direct relation with your energy level. As you know this topic is all about metabolism so there are many ways to boost your energy level. Exercise provides strength to tour body and when you are habitual of physical activities at any age of your life you may feel energetic and fresh. The people who are facing chronic fatigue syndrome and other illness they can take exercise daily and you can see that exercise works as a passive therapy treatment for all. So one of exercise benefit is that it boosts your energy level and age doesn’t matter.

Reduce risk of insulin sensitivity

Lack of exercise not only effect your metabolism but also increase the chances of many chronic diseases. Regular exercise improves your insulin sensitivity, heart problem, cholesterol level and blood pressure. When you are not a part of these any diseases then you will be able to maintain your metabolism. So take exercise and reduce the heart attack, diabetes and insulin sensitivity problems.

Improve mental health

Exercise provides benefits to physical health but also to mental health.  When your mind is fresh by exercise then you are able to boost your metabolism. So your mental health is very precious to maintain your metabolism. You can take many activities to protect mental function. So researchers says that exercise improve brain function and improves blood flow and memory. So exercise improves mental health and by the help of this you can maintain your metabolism.

Reduce pain

Recent studies show that exercise help to reduce chronic pain. Exercise strengthens your muscle so it helps to control pain linked with various health conditions such as fibromyalgia, shoulder disorder lower back pain.

Reduce chances of weight gain

Exercise help to reduce weight because when you take exercise your metabolism rate is high and calories rate is low and you are able to reduce weight gain to maintain your metabolism.


Exercise has many benefits on metabolism. Hope this article will be helpful for you to know the benefits of exercise for your good health. If you like this article share your experience in comment box.

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