How to Remove Dead Skin From Feet Naturally

Dead skin on feet is almost every woman’s problem in winters. It is important to get knowledge about the main causes of dead skin on feet.

  • First, changing weather is the main issue because in winter your skin may peel and crack, it may also cause dryness.
  • The second cause is diabetes. Diabetes brings change in the condition of your foot. It may cause peeling and cracking.
  • The 3rd main reason is age and hormones. When changes are held in your body due to hormones the change in your feet is also experienced.

Now if you are facing the issue of dead skin on your feet, don’t worry about this. We shall tell you several ways to remove dead skin from your feet, especially during these cooler months.

Tips to Remove Dead Skin From Feet Naturally

Here are some steps and tips for you to remove dead skin cells from your feet at home naturally.

  • Soak feet
  • Exfoliate
  • Use foot file or pumice stone
  • Moisturize
  • Wear supporting shoes

Soak feet

The first step you have to take is to soak your feet in hot water. Soaking the feet in hot water will improve your blood circulation and will help you to loosen and soothe the dry skin. This step of soaking will help to remove dryness in future steps.

Take a small tub of hot water and soak your feet in it. You can add salt or lemon in it.  You can also add vinegar in it because vinegar has properties of antimicrobial that helps to eliminate foot odor.

You have to soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes in it. It will surely loosen the dryness of your feet.


The second step after soaking is to exfoliate. Exfoliate means to scrub your feet. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin from your feet. There are several ways to exfoliate your feet but one of them is to use a foot file or pumice stone.

Some important exfoliators are foot scrub, brushes, and stones.

You can use scrub or chemical to remove dead skin by exfoliation. You can make scrub at home with a mixture of honey and sugar. These both ingredients are rich in exfoliation.

You can also use chemical liquids for it. Chemical liquids include lactic acid and glycolic acid that are also rich in to remove dead skin. You have to be careful by using chemicals that may irritate your skin or cause redness on it. Only use branded products for it and never buy any local product that you are not sure about.

Baking soda also works as an exfoliate. It helps to remove dead cells. Add 3 tbsp of baking soda in hot water and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes and then gently scrub it with pumice stone and in the end you can also use aloe vera gel for moisturizing.

Use foot file or pumice stone

A pumice stone is a natural thing that you can use to remove dead skin cells. After scrubbing with foot scrub or chemical you may use pumice stone to get rid of dryness on your feet. After soaking your foot in hot water, take a pumice stone and start moving it gently in circular motion.

You can also use sideway motion to remove dead skin. You will see a layer of dryness removed and a new skin. You have to be careful while using this stone because never use it on any injured area to avoid irritation.

You can also use foot files in the same way to remove dead skin layers from your feet.  After this step you will see a new layer on your feet and it will promote a new cell. So it’s a natural way to remove dead skin.


The final step is to moisturize the feet. Moisturizing the feet helps to soothe the skin. You can use lotion and creams to moisturize the skin. Moisturizing helps to remove dead skin and promote new skin. For extra hydration you can wear socks after applying moisturizer on your feet.

You can also wear moisturizing socks containing natural oils. In the morning you can remove it and rinse the feet. You can use coconut oil for moisturizing effect and it will protect your skin from dryness and you will feel hydrated.

So never forget to moisturize your feet at night to remove dryness. By this step you will notice the change in your feet and your wish of ideal feet will be successful.

Wear supporting shoes

Beside all these above steps, to remove dead skin from your feet you have to take some other precautions such as wearing supporting shoes. Wear proper closed shoes to relieve pressure on feet and prevent dryness of skin.

Maintain healthy weight

If you are overweight then you must take care of your weight to prevent pressure on the feet.

Use mild Soaps

Never use harsh soaps if you are having issues with dryness on your skin or feet. Always use mild soaps that are also low in fragrance and keep you moisturized such as dove soap is good for dry feet dryness.


By taking all these steps you can do a manicure at your home. You don’t need to go to any parlor for it. You can remove dead skin at home naturally by exfoliation and moisturizing. It will not only save your time but also your money. Hope so this article will be helpful for you.

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